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Who we are

Bacone is a beautiful story to tell, we are three friends before three partners with the same passion for the outdoors, the countryside and wine.
In 2020 we decided to start a new adventure to make this love come true! Three individuals, three different personalities, to never get bored!
We are at our first year of production which for the moment is limited to a Barbera d’Alba, for the future however there are nice projects in the pipeline, in fact from next year we will also have Barbera d’Alba superiore and Nebbiolo d’Alba.
All the wines we produce come from estate vineyards which have been followed for a lifetime by one of us three partners.
What we want is to offer wines that fully reflect the raw material, the scents and sensations will bring you here, on our hills for a new experience!
If you are interested we would be happy to send you a sample of our products, and we are here to answer any of your curiosity!

Quality with respect for man and nature


We introduce ourselves

Michelino: the winemaker, the vineyards are his home.
He knows better than anyone what they need.
The dedication and care allow him every year to obtain a sublime product, the basis to produce great wines.

Fabrizio: the experience, “Langarolo DOC”, has always been involved in the production of wine.
His precision and his malice allow us to make the most of the potential of the raw material, without waste.
Also with his humor will put you at ease and make you spend beautiful days in our company!

Tommaso: “the Milanese”, graduated in viticulture and oenology at the University of Milan and immediately understood that his heart would take him elsewhere.
He moved to the Langhe and immediately began working at a winery.
He knows Fabrizio and Michelino. The rest is history!
It is the breath of fresh air, innovation and carefree band!

That’s who we are, but Bacone is much more!! And we want to tell you about it!

Our wines

Our vineyards are located in Santa Rosalia, a few steps from Alba, at an altitude between 320 and 330 m above sea level.
They are facing south/south-east and are 45 years old.
Low yields and high quality.
Almost all the works are handmade, surely this choice requires a greater effort but the result for us is what matters.
The selection of the bunches takes place in the vineyard, the fermentation is conducted at low temperatures and the maceration varies depending on the vintage.
Refining takes place in steel and cement.
In this way the wine we obtain is a fresh wine, young and with a nice aromatic boost; intense color, long persistence and structure.

Contact us

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